How to Get Urgent Smart License in Nepal 2022

The Department of Transport Management has opened an application form for those who need their Driving license urgently within seven days.

If you are traveling out of the country for Studies or Work reasons, you can apply for the urgent smart license. After the application, you will be given your license within 7 days.

Other than this they also accept applications for online driving license registration.

Steps to get an Urgent Smart Card License

The steps you must follow to get your fast or urgent smart license card within 7 days are

  • Step 1 – Apply for Urgent Smartcard Application (Available online and offline)
  • Step 2 – Mention valid reasons
  • Step 3 – Submit Documents
  • Step 4 – Collect cards from DOTM Nepal

It does not matter if you are applying for a fast license card as a new license holder or an existing one. If you have a valid reason that is accepted by the Department of Transport Management then you will get approval for it.

How to Apply for an Urgent Smart License Application Online?

The application process to get your Urgent smart card in Nepal is easy and quick follow the steps

  • Login to DOTM Nepal Website or visit
  • Click on the Urgent Smart License Card.
  • Choose the reason for urgent printing.
  • Submit all Documents
  • Verification by DOTM
  • Print your form, sign it and visit DOTM to receive your License.

According to the Department of Transport Management’s official website page, it takes no more than a week and if everything goes well you will receive your License within 3 days.

For this step, we complete our application process, give our reasons why we need the license urgently and submit the necessary documents then finally receive it.

The reason they accept 7 days fast license print in Nepal is if you are traveling or going abroad for work or studies. But you will need to provide all the legal documents which are mentioned below.

Documents required for Fast Smart License Card printing

Documents you need to apply for urgent smart license card in Nepal
Documents you need to apply for an urgent smart license card in Nepal

The documents required for fast smart driving license printing in Nepal are

  • Application form
  • License (For renewal only)
  • Passport (Photocopy and Original)
  • Revenue Bill / Vat paid license bill photocopy.
  • Plane ticket photocopy.
  • Stamped visa photocopy.
  • Recommendation letter (For Army and Police)

The Documents needed here are the application form, which can be filled out online, and if you are renewing your license then you need to provide a copy and for those who are new, you need to provide Revenue Bill which you paid to get a license (Pink in Colour).

Other than this you will need a photocopy of your Passport, Plane Ticket, and Visa Stamp is also necessary.


How much does it cost to get Urgent Smart License in Nepal?

The application fee for an urgent driving license in Nepal is free of cost.

How much time will it take to get a smart driving license through an urgent application?

You will receive your smart driving license within 7 days if you apply through urgent print. This is applicable only if you have a valid reason.

What documents are needed to apply for an Urgent smart driving license?

The documents you need are
1. Application form
2. License (For renewal only)
3. Passport (Photocopy and Original)
4. Revenue Bill / Vat paid license bill photocopy.
Read the full list of documents needed for a fast smart card

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  1. I am traveling to the United States on a tourist visa. Will I be able to apply for an urgent license?

  2. Having Licenses also make it easier to get jobs that involve driving, such as delivery jobs or taxi services which are increasing in Nepal.


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