Check Smart Driving License Print Status Online in Nepal

Check smart driving license print status online in Nepal

After completing your driving license examination, you might need to wait more than a year to get your printed driving license in Nepal. Here is how you can check your license print status online.

To make it a little more convenient for citizens, DOTM accepts online driving license registration forms and has a Licence print status checker tool to determine whether your smart license has been printed.

It is free of cost and can be checked from the official website of the Department of Transport Management.

If you are planning to study or work abroad, you can apply for an Urgent Smart License Print in Nepal.

Requirements to Check smart License Print Status

You must have the following 3 requirements to check your Nepali license print status:

  1. Your Full Name (As submitted in the License)
  2. Your License Number (Check Payment Slip) and
  3. Date of Birth

License Search

Nepali driving License Search process screenshot by Nepali Nerd

You can search and check your license details online through the License Search section on DOTM’s website to do that follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your “Date of Birth.”
  3. Enter your “License Number” from your payment slip.
  4. Click on Search License to check how your license will be printed.

Using the License Search page, you can check how your new license will be printed, including your personal details, license number, photos, and issue and expiry dates.

After this, you can check the status of your driver’s license, whether it has been printed or not, through DOTM Nepal’s official website.

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How to check DOTM license print status online in Nepal?

How to check DOTM license print status online in Nepal

To check your driver’s license print status online for New, Renewal, and Added Category License in Nepal through the DOTM website follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Department of Transport Management Website’s Print Check Page:
  2. Enter your “Full Name” as in your Driving License.
  3. Then, enter your “License Number” from your payment slip.
  4. Now, click on the “Check Status” button.
  5. Check your Click Print Status Results:
    • Printed: Your Name and the Transport Office’s Address will be shown.
    • Not Printed: No Information will be displayed.

If your license is ready to be collected, then you will see your Full Details, along with where to visit to receive your printed driving license. No information will be shown if your license has not been printed.

1. Visit DOTM’s Print Check Page

Go to your browser and click or type This is the Department of Transport Management Nepal’s official page. You can get all your license information on this website.

2. Enter your Name and License Number

Enter your full name (must match as submitted in your license) and your license number. You can find your license number in the Payment Receipt (Pink and White Slip) received after paying fees or taxes.

3. Click on Check Status and Confirm

After entering all your details, you need to click on Check Status.

If you see your name, submission date, and address, you can visit the transport office to collect your driver’s license.

How to check Nepali driving license print using SMS?

screenshot of Nepali driving license print check using SMS

Follow the steps to check your Nepali Driving Licence Print status through SMS:

  1. Compose an SMS: Type LC <Space> “Your License Number.”
  2. Send it to 31003
  3. The result will be sent Instantly.

Message if Printed: Your License has been Printed. Please visit the Related Office.

Message if Not Printed: Your License is Not Printed yet. Please try after a few days or contact the Related Office.

Before you go

I suggest you check print information through DOTM’s website, as it is the official site and provides correct information free of charge. Meanwhile, SMS will cost you money and do not provide correct information.

I checked 2 License Information, one of which 1 is already been received and another has not yet been printed. SMS will show not printed only which is not correct data.


When will I receive my License in Nepal?

It takes more than a year to get your license printed in Nepal. You can check the print status through DOTM’s License Print Status Page.

How much does it cost to check Licence Print Status via SMS?

NTC charged me NPR 6.22 to check the license print status in Nepal as of February 2024.

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