When will I receive my Printed Driving License 2023?

When will I receive my Driving License print?

After successfully submitting the online driving license registration form in Nepal and passing all the exams, you must wait at least a year to receive your printed license.

This is because the latest license is attached with a machine-readable chip and has all your information stored digitally, similar to ATM cards issued by banks.

The license contains an electronic chip, resembling a SIM card, where the driver’s identity and vehicle registration number are stored.

When will I receive my Printed Driving License in Nepal?

Personally, it took more than 1.5 years to get my printed driving license. You will receive an SMS notification from the Department of Transportation Management once your driving license is printed.

The message will inform you that your license is ready, and you should visit the office after about 15 days of receiving the notification.

If you are curious, you can check how your Driving License will be Printed from the DOTM’s status check page.

Visit your Transport Office with the payment/pink slip and ask for the room number at the help counter.

Receiving your license is a short process, it will not take more than a few minutes; they will ask for your name take payment and give hand over your license to you.


When will my smart driving license be printed?

In my personal experience, it took more than a year to get my driving license printed from Surkhet Transport Office, the print time might differ in another province.

Can we request to print the license fast?

Yes, you can receive your license within a week. If you are going abroad for work or studies, you can fill up an urgent license print application and submit it with all the necessary documents.

When can I go to Transport Office to receive my License?

After your license is printed, DOTM will send you an SMS requesting you to visit the respective office after 15 days of receiving the SMS to collect your driving license.

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