How to Activate Ncell eSIM | Upgrade Process

Activate Ncell eSIM 2022

Unlike Nepal Telecom’s eSIM, Ncell’s process to activate or upgrade to the eSIM from their physical sim seems easy, quick, and convenient.

You do not need to visit any office if you already own a Ncell sim card, but if you using any other operator’s sim card then you have to visit Ncell Centre to buy or active eSIM.

ServiceNcell eSIM Card
Price | Charges | FeesRs 0 for Existing Users
Launch Date25th November 2022
Official WebsiteNcell eSim
NCEEL eSIM details

Ncell’s eSIM is a digital sim card that you do not need to card around like a regular sim card. You can see all the activation processes below.

How to Activate Ncell eSIM | Steps to Upgrade

To activate your Ncell sim card into eSIM whether you are an existing old user or a new user, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below.

How to upgrade Sim Card to eSIM for existing Ncell users?

  1. Go to your Phone Message
  2. Type your Citizenship number and Email ID, and then send an SMS to 17125.
  3. According to Ncell’s official website, there will be no charge for SMS and eSIM.
  4. SIM will be upgraded to eSIM post-verification.

How to get Ncell eSIM for New Users?

If you are not using a Ncell sim card currently then you can Visit the nearest Ncell Centre and choose desired tariff plan on eSIM.

How to Know if my Device support Ncell’s eSIM card?

Check if your phone support eSIM or not
eSIM support check

You can easily check if your phone supports eSIM or not, Just dial *#06# from your mobile keypad, and if an EID (Embedded Identity Document) number shows up then your phone supports this eSIM.

This is only for those who are not sure, if their mobile phone support eSIM or not.

The phone was bought from abroad, Can I use Ncell eSIM?

Yes, if your phone is carrier unlocked, you can use your phone with this sim. But if your phone is carrier locked then this service will not work for you.

How to check if my phone is carrier locked or unlocked?

Check if your phone is carrier locked or not
Check if the Phone brought from abroad is carrier locked

To check your phone’s carrier status

  • Go to setting
  • Click on General
  • Scroll down to Carrier Lock,
  • Work – If there is No Sim Restriction
  • Does Not Work – If there is SIM Locked

Ncell eSIM Supported Devices

iPhone XS seriesGalaxy S21 seriesPixel 4 series
iPhone 11 seriesGalaxy S22 seriesPixel 5 series
iPhone 12 seriesGalaxy Z Flip seriesPixel 6 series
iPhone 13 seriesGalaxy Z Fold series
iPhone 14 series
Devices that support NCELL eSIM

FAQ On Ncell eSIM

How much does it cost for Ncell eSIM?

It is free of cost for the existing users to upgrade their Ncell eSIM.

How to Activate for Ncell eSIM?

To activate your Ncell eSIM card you need to send an SMS to 17125 with your Citizenship Number and Email address.

Can I use Ncell eSIM with abroad bought carrier locked phone?

No, the rules are the same as a normal sim. You cannot use your eSIM if your phone is carrier locked.

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