Hops Labour Solutions: Application Process

Hops Labour Solution

Hops Labour Solution is the fifth and newly added licenced operator for the UK Seasonal Visa for the year 2023.

The Seasonal Worker Scheme which was started in 2019 from a small number has grown in 2023 aiming to grant visas for 45,000 workers from all over the world.

NameHops Labour Solution
Email[email protected]
Application modeOnline
Operator Since2023
Information of Hops Labour Solution

Process for UK Seasonal Work Visa from Nepal

Hops Labour Solutions: Application Process

The application process is simple all you need to do is confirm, they are accepting registration from your region, then search for job and if you find the suitable job then apply through application form.

  1. Visit JOB LISTINGS page
  2. Click on Apply
  3. Fill the form and submit.

Hops Labour Solutions does not accept application from Nepal

Source: hopslaboursolutions .com

1. Visiting Job Listing Page of Hops Labour Solution

Searching jobs on Hops Labour Solution
Searching jobs on Hops Labour Solution

You can see a detailed listed work where all the information about the job is described in short and if you want to know more and apply then click on it.

2. Click on Apply and Read Details

Details of Work
Details of Work on HOPS – Seasonal Work Visa

If you find a job that you like to now more or want to apply for then click on apply, you will be redirected to a new page with more information regarding the work.

Which includes: Location, Business type, If accommodation is available of not, Transportation, Hourly and overtime rates, Average work hours/week, Start dates and a brief description of Job.

3. Fill the Application form and submit

Application form for Seasonal Work Visa
Application to Apply for Uk Seasonal Work

After selecting the perfect job for yourself now you can apply for it but you need to be national from the country listed below.

They seemed to have receive their Seasonal Worker Scheme license to operate as recruiter to hire seasonal agricultural labour in the UK from 2023.

Information you need to provide are:

  • Name,
  • Email Address,
  • Phone Number,
  • Nationality,
  • Gender,
  • Native Language
  • Date of Birth

After filling all these information submit send, they will contact you either through mail or call for further processing.

Hops Labour Solution does not mention Nepal as one of their supported country. So it is better not to apply for application for that operator.

Workers Recruiting Country

First of all you should be from the country that they are currently accepting application from and the Countries Hops Labour Solutions currently supports or is accepting applications are from:

  1. Romania,
  2. Bulgaria,
  3. Moldova,
  4. Macedonia,
  5. Ukraine,
  6. Kyrgyzstan,
  7. Kazakhstan,
  8. Uzbekistan, and
  9. Tajikistan.

There official website has clearly stated that, they are for transparency and management of their supply that are only accepting workers form the nations listed above.

Also, if you do not own the citizenship of the listed country then they will not accept it and request not to apply for the moment.

Note: I could not find any official release of Licensed Operators for UK Seasonal Work

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6 thoughts on “Hops Labour Solutions: Application Process”

  1. Hi,can i apply from bangladesh for seasonal visa if then plase give me the application link.
    thank you

  2. Shabbir Ahmed

    I am searching job I have experienced person spent 10 year influence in English

  3. The process is the same; try applying with your previous sponsor. This year’s only difference is that – Application for Nepalese workers has been stopped.

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