AG Recruitment: Process to Apply UK Seasonal Visa

AG Recruitment in UK Seasonal Visa 2023 Nepal

Important Notice

AG Recruitment is no longer a License Recruiter: Overstaying was the primary reason it lost its license. (Cannot hire people for work)

The UK has stopped hiring workers from Nepal for the 2023 Seasonal Work Visa. I hope they start accepting applications in 2024.

Source – The Guardian News.

You can apply for a UK Seasonal work visa from AG Recruitment. It was one of the five licensed operators for 2023.

This work management company has been finding work for workers from all around since the beginning of this operation.

Ag Recruitment’s License to hire workers for Agriculture visas in the UK was canceled.

Gov.UK, which provides official information regarding this visa, has confirmed that AG Recruitment and Management will act as a Licenced Operator for Seasonal Visa 2023.

How to Apply from AG Recruitment for 2023?

For now, you cannot apply for seasonal work through AG Recruitment & Management.

The application process for UK Seasonal Visa from AG Recruitment is simple. First, you need to apply online, and if you are selected, the company will email or call you regarding an interview and further processing.

You must provide your identification, basic information, and picture for the database. If everything goes well, they provide paperwork through email, which you must fill out and submit with your Police Report. This ends the application process for recruitment companies now. After this, you must apply for a visa via British Embassy in your country.

  • Visit Apply Page
  • Fill Application Form
  • Agreement

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Visit the AG Recruitment Apply Page

Ag Recruitment Application Process Guide
How to Apply for Seasonal Work Visa from Ag Recruitment

This company’s official website, which searches for work for you in the UK, is agrecruitment.EU: Visit Apply Now Page

Fill up the Application

Fill Application for AG Recruitment 2023
Application Filling Guide for AG Recruitment

First, fill up your full name as in your passport. This is important as it will be listed or printed in your application.

Secondly, enter the main Email and Phone Number you’re using.

Third, write down your Nationality, and it does not matter where you are from. Write the nation that you hold a passport of.

Fourth, select Other as the Current Location if you do not see your country in the box. Currently, the list contains

  • UK
  • Bulgaria
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • EU Country
  • Other

Fifth, select your Preferred Language. You can choose English if your native language is not available. If the company decides to call you, they will communicate with you in this language.

Sixth, choose the Country of Resident. This means to write the country where you currently live in. If you live in Nepal, then your country of Resident is Nepal.

Please provide the correct information and usable contact details, which will be used in upcoming contracts and application forms.


Agreements of AG Recruitment for Uk Seasonal Visa 2023
Agreements of AG Recruitment for Uk Seasonal Visa 2023

Finally, you need to check the agreement box.

By checking this, you agree that Ag Recruitment and Management can contact you for an interview and job information.

It also guarantees they will not spam you with marketing or violate your privacy.


After you’ve filled out your application, you need to wait for their reply. They will contact or send you your application forms for further processing via Email and call you with the phone number you provided them.

You might need to wait because the requirements are only around 40,000 – 45,000 for this session. Also, according to (official website), other operators (Work finding companies) do the same work and have divided quotas.

The company takes no fees for finding work for you. All the fees you must pay during the application and visa process are for VISA Fees, Personal Expenses Fees, or Travel.

News from The Guardian

There was some bad News on the UK Seasonal Work Visas and AG Recruitment in an article published on Sunday, 13th November 2022, in the online edition of The Guardian.

The Guardian, one of the oldest and most trusted newspapers, posted an article on AG Recruitment forcing their workers within 2 months of work.

The company said they faced a shortage of work and could not transfer their workers to other farms.


No, according to an article published by The Guardian, the operator has lost its license to hire workers for seasonal work. Please read full article for more information.

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  1. Lokendra bahadur Pradhan

    I’m interested seasonal visa.i have experienced 3 years to farm work in mine country nepal so I have know & methods this work that`s way u will give me a chanse for working in ur company.

  2. Hello,most of the operators are not accepting work from Nepal 🇳🇵 for UK seasonal workers visa please do check official sites

  3. purna bahadur gurung

    how about your visa ?? mam ?
    यदि हामीले पनि चाहाना गर्दा कसो हुनेछ होला ?? कसरी गर्न सकिन्छ ? के यो सत्य होर ? के सम्भावना छ ? बुज्न खोजेको !

  4. Santosh Gurung

    My name is santosh gurung from nepal so iam interested to work. Even temporary seasonal work because I know that farmer working with good knowledge so please can you give me one chance to work with your company thanku

  5. My name is kalpanq rai frome nepal so iam interested to work.even temporary seasonal work because I know that farmer workingh with good knowledge so please can you give me one chance to work with your company thnkuu you.

  6. Thank you ag recruitment and UK government.
    Iam also interested to work your team as seasonal worker.
    I have apply for the post of seasonal visa. I hope I will get the chance to work .

  7. Hi, I am merry subedi. I am from Nepal. I am interested in seasonal visa. I want a chance to work.
    Hope to see positive response from you.

  8. My name is Pradip Bhandari from nepal so I am interested to work even temporary seasonal work because I know that farmers working with good knowledge so please can you give me one chance to work with your company 😊 thank you


  9. Basanta kumar lama

    Hello, I am Basant Kumar Lama. I am from Nepal. Can we get a chance to work on UK seasonal visa now advertised on your website. As many people have got the opportunity to work, please give me a job opportunity this time too. thank you

  10. Sushma Shrestha

    My name is sushma shrestha. I’m from nepal so I’m interested to temporary seasonal work. Please give me one chance to work in your company.
    Thank you.

  11. Bhumiraj chaulagai

    My name is Bhumiraj chaulagai from nepal so I am interested to work even temporary seasonal work because I know that farmers working with good knowledge so please can you give me one chance to work with your company 😊 thank you


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