How to Apply for UK Seasonal Visa from Nepal Online 2024?

Apply UK Seasonal Visa 2023 online from Nepal

The UK seasonal visa is a temporary work permit offered by The United Kingdom to meet its labor demand in Horticulture, which involves picking fruit, vegetables, flowers, and the Poultry sector.

It is a short-term job opportunity approved by the UK government. You can apply and work in the UK for a maximum of six months.

In 2024, they plan to hire 45,000 temporary workers worldwide through the UK Seasonal work visa scheme, potentially increasing the quota to 10,000 if needed.

UK Farms Might not Hire Nepali Worker

Operators not Accepting Application from Nepal – FT | 27th January 2023

VisaUK Seasonal Visa 2024
Work TypeFarm (Picking Fruits & Vegetable) and Poultry
Application FeeFree
Visa Fee£259
Personal CostTravel & Living
ExperienceNot Required
QualificationNot Required
UK Seasonal Visa 2024 Apply Online Details

How many Nepali workers got UK agricultural visas?

From 2019 to 2022, around 1,124 Nepalese received UK seasonal work permits, which are popularly known as UK Agriculture Visas in Nepal.

Operators for UK Seasonal Worker Program 2024

Four operators exist for the Horticulture and Agriculture sector and 1 for Poultry and Butchery.

Operators | RecruitersOfficial Website
HOPS Labour
RE People Limited (Poultry)
Operators of UK Seasonal Visa 2024

>> More Information about Seasonal Visa Operators <<

Visit for more information related to the Application process, Documents, Fees, and Requirements

How to Apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa from Nepal Online?

You can apply for a UK Seasonal Work Visa by completing an online application form through any officially licensed operator, such as Fruitful Jobs, Concordia, Pro-force, HOPS, or Re People.

Choose the recruitment company available in your country, fill in the applications, and wait until they contact you for further processing. You must prepare your CV and Cover Letter stating your work experiences.

1. Requirements for UK Seasonal Visa

Requirements for Uk Seasonal Work Visa Nepal 2024
Requirements for UK Seasonal Work Visa

To be eligible for a UK Agriculture Worker, applicants must be 18 years or older, the legal age to work in the UK. Additionally, they must have a sponsor who can provide them with a Certification of Sponsorship (CoS) and must provide bank statements with sufficient funds to support themselves while in the UK.

Education and English are not major factors while applying, but if you intend to work in the UK, English will help.

Application Process – Concordia UK Temporary Visa

Age Limit18 Years and Above
CoS NumberRequired
EnglishBasic Level
QualificationNot Required
NationalityBased on Foreign Employment Policy
Requirements for UK Seasonal Visa

2. Documents Required for UK Seasonal Work Visa

UK Seasonal Visa Document Requirements
Document needed for UK Seasonal Work Visa 2024

The documents that you need to prepare before applying for UK Seasonal Work Visa are:

  1. Passport
  2. Bank Statement
  3. Police Report – Criminal record certificate
  4. Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS Reference Number)
  5. CV and Cover Letter (For Operator)

a. Passport

As you already know, to travel internationally, you need a passport, and you must have a valid one. This is to confirm your identity and nationality.

b. Bank Statement – With Minimum Balance

You will need to maintain a minimum balance in your bank account of Approximately £1,270, which, in today’s conversion, is around 207449.30 Nepalese Rupees.

This ensures you have enough money to live in the UK before receiving your first salary. You must have this money in your account for at least 28 days.

Suppose your employer pays for your living expenses. In that case, you will be exempt from this.

Note: The conversion rate changes every day. Please do confirm it in your currency against the UK pound.

c. Police Report

Police Clearance Certificate is a mandatory certificate you must provide when applying for a work visa from Nepal.

This report will verify your criminal record in the last year.

d. Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS reference number)

The Certificate of Sponsorship for the UK Seasonal Visa is not an actual document or certificate. It is a reference number containing information about your details and job.

Your recruitment company will give you this reference number, which you need to add to your visa application form. – You can use this only once.

e. CV and Cover Letter (For Operator)

You need to create a CV and cover letter with all your information to give to the operator.

  1. CV
    • Personal information
    • Education
    • Work Experience
    • Skills
  2. Cover Letter

Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) should include your information, job experience, education, skills, and previous job references.

A cover letter is similar. It introduces you formally to the employer or sponsor, including why you need this job, how your skills will help them, and how you will thank them formally for giving you the opportunity.

These works are in the horticulture & poultry sector, so there is no significant pressure to have high qualifications or job experience. People with no experience or school certificates can also apply.

Create Cover Letter: Step By Step Guide

3. Fees, Processing time & Duration of Stay

Cost for Uk Seasonal Visa 2024
Estimate cost while applying for UK Seasonal Visa 2024

The application fee for a UK seasonal worker visa is free. Recruitment companies do not charge you. But there are other fees you will need to bear if your employer is not sponsoring you.

Like official Visa Fees, Living Expenses for the first month before receiving your salary, and airline ticket fees to the UK.

How much does applying for a UK seasonal Work Visa from Nepal cost?

The application fees to recruitment companies are free, but there are certain charges you will need to pay for yourself, which are listed below:

Visa Application Fee£259
Personal Expenses£1,270
Airlines TicketCheck Fliggt
Cost of Applicable fee to UK Seasonal Visa

The visa application fee is £259, which is 43409.26 in Nepalese Rupees as of 12 February 2024. This fee is non-refundable, which means you will not get your money back if your visa is rejected for any reason.

Personal Expenses are as mentioned. You must have at least £1,270, 212856.23 in Nepali rupees. This money covers your living expenses for a month in the UK.

Airline tickets can be expensive if you are far from the UK.

If your sponsor is not paying for these expenses, you must pay the living and travel expenses.

How long does it take to get a UK seasonal Work Visa?

After getting a sponsor, you can apply for a visa three months before your work starts. The work date is listed on your Certificate Of Sponsorship. After this, you need to prove your identity and submit your documents.

You can apply for Visa Online. After completing all this, the results will likely be announced in 3 weeks.

If you wonder how much you will earn there, you will get this information from your employer. Everything is disclosed in your contract.

How Long Can I Stay in the UK for an Agriculture Visa?

This seasonal work visa allows you to stay in the UK for up to 6 months. If your visa is valid 14 days before work starts, you can enter the UK.

What can you do with a Seasonal Visa?

If you are on a seasonal workers visa, then you can only

The only option to stay after your visa expires is if you study courses. You will need a certificate.

What you cannot do in the Seasonal worker program.

These are important rules you should follow as their rules are strict and to avoid trouble. You cannot

  • Accept or Ask for Permanent jobs
  • Work part-time in a second job, work which is not listed in your CoS
  • Acquire public funds
  • Bring family members

Information Purpose Only: we are not affiliated with any Licensed Operators or the Government.

We are not a recruitment company; we only share news regarding UK seasonal work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a UK Seasonal Visa?

A 6-month work visa lets you visit and work in the UK as a Seasonal Worker. It was started to fulfill labor demand for agriculture, horticulture, and poultry in the United Kingdom.

Who is eligible for the UK seasonal agricultural visa?

Any individual who can work legally and holds a passport of a supporting nation can apply for a certificate of sponsorship.

Can I renew my UK Seasonal Work Visa?

No, seasonal visas are nonrenewal. You can work until your visa expires and return to your country afterward.

How much does it cost to apply for a Seasonal Worker Visa?

There are no recruitment charges, but you must pay for Visa Application fees, 2 Way Travel Costs, and Living Expenses until you receive your salary, which will differ according to country.

Can UK seasonal workers bring their families?

No, you cannot take your family member to the UK. This is a short-term visa for the workers only.

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  1. DEFRA अनुसार Uk सिजनअल वोर्क विसा 2023 मा 45000 + 10,000(If needed) कामदार भर्ती गरिनेछ।
    यसको लागि कति जनाले आवेदन दिन्छन् र कसलाई छान्छन् भन्ने कुरामा भर पर्छ।


    2023 जनवरी मा फर्म भर्ना गर्दा के सफल हुन्छ होला ?

  3. Concordia does not directly hire they have an agent which helps them hire workers but the Greenwall consultancy agent in Nepal is no more working with Concordia. So, there is no Concordia agent in Nepal.

    To know more about their agents click here
    And yes, you do need to write a cover letter and CV but submit them after they contact you.

  4. Ashish shrwan devkota

    Do we need to send email including europass cv and coverletter to concordia for sponsorship ?

  5. You need to be over 18 years old and have a passport.
    a CoS reference number to apply for Visa – Your employer will provide you this and enough money to support your expenses in the UK at least £1,270 which is 179106.31 in Nepali rupee as of 28 December 2022 (unless your employer or someone else is paying for you).

    Also, plane ticket for travel.

  6. Nepalese le usually AG Recruitment bata apply gareko hunxa because it is easy.
    And Seasonal visa ma lagne operators ko demand 2023 ma 45,000 (might add more 10,000 if needed) xa worldwide.

    45,0000 workers sabai lai AG recruitment le work dine hoina. Yo number 5 ota operators (recruitment companies) ma divide hunxa (Not revealed which operators have how many quotas)
    So, the number of applications they receive plus the number of quotas they have decided.

  7. maile 2 bars dekhi try gareko kehi reply nai aaudaina tw yaar kina hola

  8. Prabin kumar thakur

    What if i continously apply for more than once in ag recuritment page?? does it affect anything related to my visa with ag recuritment?? please suggest me. Thank you

  9. Min bahadur lepchan

    Hello ,namastee and good morning .
    I have had read it all about this sesional Visa iam very much happy and interested to to work there ,I have good experience and knowledge about farm house .and iam very comfortable to work there as a good employer until last of my visa .
    Thank u hope to hear soon from u .Min

  10. My name is rupak rai from nepal so I am interested to work even temporary sesnal work because I know that farmers working with good knowledge so please can u give me one chance to work with your company 😊 thank you

  11. Hello good morning my name is Mohan poudel iam from nepal so I am interested to work even temporary sesnal work because I know that farmers working with good knowledge so please can u give me one chance to work with your company 😊 thank you

  12. Hi I’m Suraj karki I’m 24years old I’m a farmer I have good knowledge in this field hope that give me opportunity I will give my best in my company works so please give me a chance to work with youteam

  13. Hi dear management i things your company searching for good workers that’s why i righting little my things.. i love your company if you give me 1 chances i will do try my best. I hope you can accept my any experience . If Ansley strong rolls inside the company i will cooperate that’s issue otherwise thank you for repply my comment

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    i’m Ludra Bahadur rai .i’m 28 years old.
    i’m a farmer i have good knowledge in this field. i hope that give me opportunity . i will give my best in your company work. so please give me a chance to work with your team

  15. Hello sir I’m interested for this job can you tell me more about visa process .

  16. According to (official) has clearly stated 4 licensed operators: Source Link
    And these operators are also trying their best by announcing by adding we do not charge to find work: Source Link

    Also, there are other fees – travel, living expenses, and official document creation. (If not sponsored)

    In the case of Nepal, what many frauds or scammers were doing is they applied on behalf of these people and if they were accepted, they would charge for finding work for them(which they just applied for them), document creation (filling form, CV and other) and people with lack of knowledge paid because they had opportunity to work in UK.

  17. Laura Pallett

    Writing from Canada. I know someone who is currently working on a berry farm in the UK and paid a recruiter 5 Lachs. Does this mean that there are independant recruiters who have alliances with the above companies? As you mentioned, there are only 4 companies who can sponsor.

  18. Govinda Poudel

    Well, some operators have officially updated their websites with “Not Accepting any more applications”.
    But some(example: AG) have not so, it does not cost just to apply.

  19. I have seen some of youths paying 20 lakhs and entered UK as Skilled Visa working in butchery. Is it valid?

  20. Are these: 
    AG Recruitment and Management
    Fruitful Jobs
    Still accepting seasonal worker applications? 
    From what I’ve heard, it’s already closed for 2022; the new season is January 2023; and applications will be open from early October 2022 only.
    Do you have any authentic information regarding this?
    I would love to receive your kind guidance.
    I hope to hear from you soon.


  21. It totally depends on the company, how many applications they’ve received and if they decide to select you or not.
    One of my friends received his selection email after 3 and half months.

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