Find Company for UK Seasonal Work Visa

You might have already known about UK Seasonal Work Visa, which is exactly as it sounds. The United Kingdom is offering employment opportunities to the rest of the world.

According to their official website, they are planning to bring in 40,000 workers this year. 38,000 in edible and ornamental horticulture sectors and another 2000 in the poultry sector. You can

There are currently 4 government-licensed operators which have legal rights to offer you temporary work.

According to Fruitfuljobs an operator for The UK Seasonal Work Visa 2022, there are 30K work visas available and these are split between 4 operators listed below.

Information: You will need to create a cover letter for uk seasonal visa if you want to apply for UK agriculture visa 2022 in nepal.

List of Websites to apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa Online

These sites listed below have a license to sponsor migrants for temporary work. You can visit one of the websites listed below to apply for a Uk Seasonal Work Visa.

  1. AG Recruitment and Management
  2. Pro-force
  3. Fruitful Jobs
  4. Concordia Limited (Closed as per their Website)

Watch about finding Work in Uk Seasonal Visa from Nepal 2022

AG Recruitment and Management might be the most popular operator in Nepal as most of the Nepalese are showing their appreciation for this recruitment company.

Apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa 2022 - Click Here or type in your browser

Please read all the necessary details that have been provided by this company regarding Work, Visa, Documentation, and more. They have a FAQ section as well to solve your doubts.

seasonal work visa comapny - AG recruitment
AG recruitment – Seasonal Work Visa Nepal 2022

You can see how to fill up the form, after this if you are selected they will mail you will all the necessary documents and forms.


Another recruitment company with legal status to recruit international workers for The UK Seasonal Work Visa. But according to their website, they mostly bring workers from Eastern Europe.

It seems there are very few jobs available, check the link below. or visit “” through your browser.

Search for Jobs Click Here
Pro Force - seasonal work visa 2022 join company
Pro-Force UK Seasonal Work Visa Operator 2022

Fruitful Jobs

We are unable to recruit every country in the world, this is simply because as a business we do not have the resources to do this when there are only limited visas available. 


I have mailed the website if they accept applications from Nepal or not, will update after I get a reply from them.

Apply for Seasonal Work Visa with Fruitfuljobs
Fruitfuljobs – Season Work Visa Provider 2022

Concordia (not Accepting Application)

According to Concordia’s official website, Greenwall Consultancy is their agent in Nepal. And when I visited their website it had this announcement (Please note that we are no longer taking an application for seasonal workers)

So, it seems Concordia is no longer accepting forms from Nepal.

Concordia Seasonal Work Visa 2022 Nepal

Concordia – Seasonal Work Visa for Nepali 2022


No, you can apply for free. If someone asks you for money to apply it is fake do not pay them.

No, you need to pay for the Visa application fee and a ticket to the UK (Only if selected) as per the operators.

According to there are only 4 operators that have legal status to hire workers,

  1. AG Recruitment
  2. Pro-force
  3. Fruitful Jobs
  4. Concordia Limited

It depends on the work demand, according to fruitful jobs you can work up to 48 hours and more if you agree in writing.

It totally depends on the employer and the work you will be doing. The current national minimum pay is £9.18 (21–22 year olds) and £9.50 (23+ year olds) per hour.

Note: this is the national minimum pay, your wage is disclosed by your employer in your CoS.

Employer will provide you room but will charge for it weekly. According to a friend’s contract they charged him £70 for room and other utilities.

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    • After getting hired from the company for work, According to GOV.UK you have to apply for visa online link here “also As part of your application, you’ll need to prove your identity” & have your fingerprints and photograph taken at a visa application centre: Address in kathmandu. Visit Here for more information.

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