How to Call Australia From Nepal?

Call australia

Friends or Family recently moved to Australia? And have no connection through social media and want to call them in Australia from Nepal via mobile or Landline?

Here is the country and area code along with all the available methods and when and when not to call them.

How to call Australia mobile number from Nepal?

To call an Australian mobile number from Nepal follow the format below.

00 + 61 + 4 + (Australian Mobile Number)

00 (Nepal’s Exit Code) + 61 (Australia Country Code) + 4 Followed by Mobile Number

To Call Australia from Nepal – Direct Dialing

Follow the dialing format listed below to call Australia from Nepal.

  • 00 – Any calling international from Nepal needs to dial this exit code
  • 61 – International Subscriber Dialing (ISD) of Australia
  • Area Code – Dail Area Code, Australi has 19 Area Codes.
Calling Format to Australia
00 – 61 – Area Code – Land Phone Number
00 – 61 – 9 Digit Number
Calling Format to Australia

Australian Area Code List

Below is the table for the Area Code of Australia.

Area CodeRegionState or Territory
02Central EastNew South Wales & Australian Capital Territory
03South EastVictoria & Tasmania
04Mobile TelephonesAustralia-wide
07North EastQueensland
08Central & WestWestern Australia, South Australia & Northern Territory
Australia Area Code List

Calling rates from Nepal to Australia from NTC and Ncell

Both Ncell and NTC SIM has different international calling rates to Australia, check below to know.

  • Ncell charges standard rs. 15/minutes call rate to Australia and selected premium destinations for Australia will cost Rs. 48.99 per minute (excluding taxes).
  • NTC has different charges with different access codes starting from Rs. 7.75/minute to Rs.30/minute to know more check here.

Namaste provides cheaper calling rate compared to Ncell.

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