How to Open Meroshare and Demat Accounts Online in Nepal?

In this blog post I will guide you on how to create Meroshare and Demat accounts online in Nepal.

Individuals can easily open the accounts and apply for IPOs in Nepal without the need for physical documentation or in-person visits to their bank or financial institutions.

Before applying online, it’s recommended that you call your bank to check if you qualify for free DEMAT and Meroshare accounts. If you are eligible then it is wise to apply via Bank application.

Process to Get Meroshare and DEMAT Account:

First, you will need a DEMAT account which can be create through any licensed Depository Participants including your Banks and other financial institutions.

After creating your Demat you will receive your BOID number, you than to open a Meroshare account. Most of the banks and DPs will create both Demat and Meroshare at once which makes it easier for you.

After sucessfully getting your details you can now request for CRN Number from your bank. (you might need to visit bank and fill a form, some accept online application).

You can now login to mero share account and apply for IPOs.

How to create Meroshare and Demat Accounts?

To apply for Meroshare and Demat accounts online in Nepal, simply visit you bank or the Depository Participants website of your choice and fill out an application form and submit it.

After approval, you will receive your account details directly in your Email within 3 days.

1. Choose a Depository Participant

Check if your Bank’s DP supports an online application form for new DEMAT and Meroshare accounts. You can call them and ask.

I choose Global IME Capital Limited, you can choose any for this list of licenses.

Some DPs that accept Online Applications

Check Out: List of Depository Participants in Nepal

2. Apply for DEMAT Account

To open a Meroshare Account, you’ll need to have a DEMAT account with Beneficial Owner Identification Number known as BOID.

You will get your BOID number within 24 hours on your email address after successfully opening a demat account.

A Demat account is short for Dematerialized account, it holds your financial securities, such as stocks, in electronic form rather than physical certificates.

It’s a more modern and convenient way to manage your investments.

Most of the Banks, Capitals, and Brokers will create both DEMAT and Meroshare accounts at once.

3. Create Meroshare Account

You can create a Meroshare account through Banks or Capitals. Use the BOID or DEMAT number registered to open your account.

You can either fill online application or download the form and submit it to your nearest branch.

I used Global IME Capital’s online application form and I got all my login details within 3 days after form submission.

Details you get after the account has been created:

  • DP ID,
  • Login ID and,
  • One-Time Password.

You need to change your Meroshare password after you log in to your account.

4. Request CRN Number

After successfully opening a DEMAT and Meroshare account you now need a CRN number (C-ASBA Registration Number).

You can request a CRN Number from your banks. Call your bank if they support online registration for CRN registration in Nepal.

Online CRN Request: NIC Asia and Sanima Bank

Some banks will accept CRN forms through Email as well, download the CRN Request Form Online:

I submitted the application form to Global IME Bank and requested them to provide me CRN Number through email and within a few days I received it through mail.

Why Do you need CRN?

Without CASBA Registration Number you will not be able to apply for IPO.

While applying for an IPO, most CASBA registered Banks will charge you Rs 5 as a charge.

Choose a bank that does not charge CASBA fees.

Read: CASBA Free Banks in Nepal

5. Pay the Application Fee

The regular fee for DEMAT and Meroshare account is Rs 150 charge and Rs 50 respectively. These amounts can be paid through digital wallets like eSewa, IPS Connect, or the Khalti app.

If you are a long-term investor and likely to continue investing then renewing DEMAT and Meroshare annually can be a loss.

As Banks in Nepal are offering lifetime accounts for a fixed price with terms and conditions. Research and compare prices of lifetime accounts and their terms.

Some Banks like NMB, Global IME, NIC Asia, Nabil, and many others do not charge application fees for the first year. I suggest you contact your bank and ask if they provide free DEMAT and Meroshare before submitting the application.

Documents Needed

To successfully complete the process of filling a Demat and Meroshare account in Nepal, you must possess the following documents

  1. Photograph (One Copy)
  2. Citizenship Copy (Front and Back)
  3. Location Map of Resident
  4. Signature
  5. Thumb Print
  6. Applicants Holding Citizenship and,
  7. Electricity Bill.

Apart from that you will need a witness’s Citizenship and Signature. (You can ask for your partner or sibling or parents’ citizenship and sign)

Location Map: You can draw a simple and descriptive map of where you live showing popular monuments.

Signature: You can sign on a piece of the page and upload it.

Thumb Print: To create a clear imprint, please use white paper and print both of your thumbs.

Applicant Photo with Citizenship: You need to show your face and Citizenship within a picture to verify yourself

Electricity Bill: This is to verify your Residence.

Please note that the following information is provided solely for informational purposes. It is advisable to conduct your own research before creating a DEMAT account.

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