Licensed Depository Participants in Nepal 2023

Depository Participants List

Depository Participants (DPs) link investors and the securities market by providing depository services to the investors.

DPs help investors open and maintain DEMAT (Dematerialized) accounts, which hold investments in electronic forms, such as IPO, Mutual Funds, and Equities bought from secondary markets.

DPs act as a bridge between the investors (you) and the depository (CDS and Clearing Ltd), ensuring that the securities are credited and debited from the investor’s account in a timely and efficient manner.

Depository in Nepal

CDS and Clearing Limited is the only depository in Nepal established in 2067 B.S. to provide dematerialization services for securities.

List of Licensed Depository Participants

According to the official CDS and Clearing Nepal, there are 86 Licensed Depository Participants in Nepal, and you can check out the full table below.

10100CIVIL CAPITAL MARKET LIMITED014262303,014261251[email protected]
10200NIBL ACE CAPITAL LIMITED014426161[email protected]
10900Siddhartha Capital Limited014420924,014420925
10400NABIL INVESTMENT BANKING LTD.014411604,014411733[email protected]
10600NIBL ACE CAPITAL LIMITED014005080,014005058[email protected]
10700Laxmi Capital Market Ltd.014780222,014781582[email protected]
10800EVEREST BANK LTD.014443377[email protected]
11400TRISHAKTI SECURITIES PUBLIC LIMITED014232132[email protected]
11500NEPAL STOCK HOUSE PRIVATE LIMITED01-4529621,4529631,4536959[email protected]
11600SECURED SECURITIES LIMITED014262861,014224523[email protected]
12200Global IME bank ltd.014786100,014785900[email protected]
13100IMPERIAL SECURITIES COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED015706004,015705187[email protected]
13000SOUTH ASIAN BULLS PRIVATE LIMITED014273400,014273400[email protected]
12700SEWA SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED014256642,014256644[email protected]
12800PRIMO SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED014168175,014168164[email protected]
11000NMB CAPITAL LIMITED014437963,014437964[email protected]
11100Global IME Bank Limited014228671, 014226247[email protected]
11200GLOBAL IME CAPITAL LIMITED01-5970138[email protected]
12900SHREE KRISHNA SECURITIES LIMITED014441225,014441226[email protected]/[email protected]
12600PRABHU CAPITAL LIMITED01-5970200 01-4169100[email protected]
13300CREATIVE SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED014419582[email protected]
13200ABC SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED01 5905499,5905490,5905491,590607,5905586[email protected]
11300DIPSHIKHA DHITOPATRA KAROBAR COMPANY (P.) LTD.014102532,014102534[email protected]
11800Online Securities Limited014168308,014168302[email protected]
11700CITIZENS BANK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED4427842,4427843[email protected]
11900ARYATARA INVESTMENT AND SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED015705596,015706297[email protected]
12500MUKTINATH CAPITAL LIMITED01-4546108, 01-4546109, 01- 4546470[email protected] [email protected]
12400SUNRISE CAPITAL LIMITED014439676,014425343[email protected]
13800LINCH STOCK MARKET LIMITED014469367,014469068[email protected]
14600SIPLA SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED014255782,014255078[email protected]
16800Nabil Bank Ltd01-4241648[email protected]
16900PRIME COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED014423433,014423215[email protected]
17300MEGA CAPITAL MARKETS LIMITED01-5362790, 01-5362772, 01-5362775, 01-5362812, 01-5364596, 01-5364109, 01-5364889[email protected]
17400ICFC FINANCE LIMITED014425292,014425292[email protected]
17500Asian Capital Limited014418664,014418664[email protected]
13400CRYSTAL KANCHANJUNGHA SECURITIES PVT. LTD014011176[email protected]
14400SANI SECURITIES COMPANY LIMITED01-4442209,01-4442210,01-4442276,01-4442072,014424641[email protected]
17600Garima Capital Limited014429149,014429150[email protected]
13700NIC ASIA BANK LIMITED015111179,015111178[email protected]
15100NABIL BANK LIMITED014233780,014233781[email protected]
15700NEPAL BANK LIMITED014221185 Ext 613,014247999 Ext 604[email protected]
16400Nepal Life Capital Limited01-4430746,01-4430746[email protected]
16100MACHHAPUCHCHHRE BANK LIMITED014428556,014428556[email protected]
16500RBB MERCHANT BANKING LIMITED014243265,[email protected]
17000OXFORD SECURITIES PVT. LTD.014273850,[email protected]
15900NAASA SECURITIES COMPANY LTD014440384,014440386[email protected]
16200GUHESWORI MERCHANT BANKING & FINANCE LIMITED015550406,015537407[email protected]
16300Kumari Bank Limited01-59970082[email protected]
17100TRISHUL SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED014440709,014440709[email protected]
14000SRI HARI SECURITIES PVT. LTD.014437562,014437465[email protected]
15200KUMARI BANK LIMITED01-4445495,4445496[email protected]
16700MAHALAXMI BIKAS BANK LIMITED014268162,014268208[email protected]
13600MARKET SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMPANY PVT. LTD014248973,014249558[email protected]
14100Machhapuchchhre Capital Limited014266325,014249453[email protected]
14700ASIAN SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED014424351,014424485[email protected]
15800SANIMA BANK LTD01-4540508, 9840269336[email protected];
16000Prabhu Bank Limited014788500[email protected]
17200AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITED014251537,014251537[email protected]
13500VISION SECURITIES PVT. LTD014770452,014770425[email protected]
13900PRABHU BANK LIMITED014788500[email protected]
14200SUMERU SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED01-5970439, 980126300[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
14300KOHINOOR INVESTMENT & SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED014442857,014442858[email protected]
14800PREMIER SECURITIES COMPANY LIMITED01 4532832, 4532704, 4532700, 4532705[email protected]
15300NEPAL SBI BANK LIMITED014412743,014441780[email protected]
15500NEPAL DP LIMITED014227086,014227086[email protected]
15600ASHUTOSH BROKERAGE AND SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED014220276,014220276[email protected]
16600PROVIDENT MERCHANT BANKING LIMITED5147097,5147192provident [email protected]
17700HIMALAYAN CAPITAL LIMITED014258345,014263147[email protected]
17800SUNDHARA SECURITIES LIMITED01 4212215,4263583,4260174[email protected]
17900Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited015970301, 5970303, 5970304, 5970306[email protected]
18000Gurkhas Finance Limited01-4437401, 01-4437403[email protected]
18100Sampanna Capital & Advisory Nepal
18200Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Ltd01-4440115, 01-4440116[email protected]
18300Swarnalaxmi Securities PVT.LTD.01-4168219 01-4168291[email protected]
18400Shangri-la Development Bank LTD.01-4421861 01-4421862[email protected]
18500Shine Resunga Development Bank LTD.071-415502, 071-415503[email protected];
15400PRIME COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED014423215[email protected]
18600Progressive Finance Ltd01-5199664 01-5199665[email protected]
18700Kalika Securities Pvt. Ltd.01-5705563 01-5705564[email protected]
18800Shree Investment and Finance Co. Ltd.01-4422038, 01-4426146[email protected]
18900Manjushree Finance Ltd.01-4792517[email protected]
List of Depository Participants in Nepal 2023

Choosing a Depository Participant

It is an important decision as they hold and manage trades in the securities market. Below are some factors that I considered while choosing a DP:

1. Customer support

These days we do not have time to visit the branch for every little issue, and if our DPs have poor and limited customer support,

a. Mode of contact: For those who hate visiting offices or calling for a minor issue, contacting through websites, social media chats, and emails is a must.

b. Response time to queries: Imagine you have a problem or question, and you email them, and they reply to you after a week. This is one of the most frustrating.

c. Customer service availability: What is the point if no one is available during need?

d. Resolution of disputes and errors: If there is an error, how fast positively they respond.

2. Conveniences

This is another factor when choosing a Depository Participant. A DP that is easily accessible(near where you live), either through a branch network or online facilities.

3. Charges

In Nepal, most DPs have similar charges, but you can still compare the charges for services such as account opening, annual maintenance, and transaction charges.

How to Buy or Sell IPO: Depository Participant

As you already know to apply for an IPO in Nepal, you need a DEMAT and Meroshare account, and you can get that through a Depository Participant listed above.

1. Apply for IPO: Once you have a DEMAT account, you can directly apply for an IPO from meroshare.

2. Allotment of Shares: In Nepal, there are more than 5.5 million DEMAT accounts, of which more than a million applicants apply for IPO these days, so only a few lucky applicants are allotted. The shares will be credited to your DEMAT account if you get it.

Only 10 units are allotted through a lucky draw as more applicants apply than the issued units.

3. Trading: If you wish to sell those shares, then you need to have a Brokerage Account, which will place the buy or sell order on your behalf of you, and the DP will transmit the instructions to the depository. The depository will execute the transaction and update your DEMAT account accordingly.

You can open an account with a Broker Online or visit their office physically.

Note: Online applicants need to visit the Broker’s office for KYC.

4. Holding: If you want to hold equity, then there is no need to do anything unless you need to Renew your DEMAT Account.


What is a Depository Participant (DP)?

A DP is a link between the investors and the securities market that provides depository services to the investors, such as opening and maintaining DEMAT (Dematerialized) accounts, transmitting instructions for buying and selling securities, and resolving disputes and errors.

How many DPs are there in Nepal?

There are 86 Depository Participants in Nepal. Check out the list of DPs with contact and address here.

How to choose Depository Participant?

If I were to choose a DP, then I would look at
1. Customer Support – (Personal Favorite)
2. Reputation in Market
3. Charges or Fees
4. Conveniences easily accessible
5. Service they provide

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