How to Renew Mero Share & Demat account online

Huide to Renew Mero Share and Demat Online in Nepal

Are you investing in the stock market or buying IPOs in Nepal? then you should timely renew Mero Share and Demat accounts.

If you want to take advantage of the potential for big returns offered by investing in stocks and shares. Renewing your Demat account should be at the top of your list.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why it’s important to keep your Mero share and Demat account up-to-date and how you can do it easily online using digital wallets.

How to Renew Mero Share | Demat account Online in Nepal

To renew a mero share and Demat in Nepal you can follow any of the methods below

  • Login to Mero share account |
  • Click on the Mero share profile (In the top right corner)
  • Click on Renew Account
  • Select Payment Partner
  • Choose Renew account (meroshare & Demat)
  • Login to Digital Wallet
  • Confirm and Pay

Check Mero Share IPO result |

Login to Mero share account |

Login into Meroshare Account | To Check IPO in Nepal
Check IPO in Nepal from Mero share Account

First, you need to log in to your Mero Share account (visit, then enter your credentials like DP, Username, and Password.

Select Mero share profile then Click on Renew Account

Renew mero share and demat account |
Renew mero share and Demat account |

Second, you need to click on your profile which is in the top right corner of your homepage. You will be redirected to a new page here you need to click on “Renew Account“.

Select Payment Partner

payment partner for mero share renewal
payment partner for mero share renewal

Third, as this is an online method, so you can choose one of the 5 digital payment options which are more convenient to you.

  • eSewa
  • Khalti
  • IME pay
  • Prabhu Pay
  • Connect IPS

Note: sometimes some of the digital wallets mentioned above can offer free renewal as well.

Choose Renew account (meroshare & Demat)

Select meroshare nad Demat renewal years
Select meroshare and Demat renewal years

You can choose both Mero share & Demat accounts at once for renewal. If you do not want to renew both and just want to renew either your Mero Share or Demat account then you can do that as well.

What is the Price of Demat renewal in Nepal?

You need to pay Rs 100 annually for your Demat account in Nepal

How much does Mero Share renewal cost in Nepal?

mero share renewal fee is Rs 50/year for the account to be active in Nepal.

Login to your Digital Wallet

Login for renewal of payment for meroshare and Demat account in nepal
Login to your Digital Wallet for Renewal

You need to login to your digital wallet. I’ve used eSewa for my payment, so I’ve entered my OTP and logged in for payment.

Complete Payment for Renewal

Complete renewal of payment for meroshare and Demat account in nepal
Complete renewal of payment for meroshare and Demat accounts in Nepal

This is the final step where you confirm your payment. In this way, you can pay for your account renewal price in Nepal without visiting your Bank or filling out any form.

If suddenly your mero share is not working today then it might be because you have not paid the yearly subscription fee or renewed it yet.

Why renew a DEMAT account in Nepal?

A Demat account is used to hold securities such as stocks and bonds in an electronic format. It is important to renew your Demat account because it ensures that you can continue to buy and sell securities without any interruptions.

Additionally, renewing your Demat account can also help you to take advantage of any new features or services that may be offered by your depository participant. In summary, renewing your Demat account is important because it allows you to maintain an active and functional account for trading securities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a Mero share account in Nepal?

Mero share can help you to apply for IPOs of Companies, Mutual Funds, Debentures also FPO, and Right Shares online. Without having to fill out any offline form from your home.

How can I apply for my DEMAT account only?

To renew your DEMAT account only you need to first visit
1. log in to your Mero Share account,
2. Click On your Profile,
3. Click on Renew Account,
4. Select Digital Wallet,
5. Here, you get an option to choose DEMAT only.

How do I renew my Mero Share after the expiry date?

The process is the same you can renew your Mero Share account by logging to account, clicking on your profile then clicking on Renew Account after this choose your wallet, and then select mero share.
You will be redirected to the payment page, after payment your Mero Share account will be active again.

Will I be able to buy an IPO if my Mero Share account expires?

Yes, it is possible for you to buy a new IPO even if your mero share is expired.

Can I apply for an IPO without a Mero Share account?

Yes, you can apply for an IPO in Nepal without a Mero Share account, but for that, you need to visit your bank and ask for a physical application form for the current IPO, fill and submit it.

What if DEMAT and MEROSHARE account is expired?

If a Demat and Meroshare are expired then all your share in your portfolio will be frozen and trading will not be possible.

How to get DEMAT and Mero Share for free?

Most banks these days provide 1 year free Mero Share and DEMAT service to attract young and new investors to open accounts in their banks. You can choose a reliable and trustworthy bank and open an account with them to receive the first year of free Mero share and DEMAT accounts.

Can I reactivate my DEMAT account?

Yes, if your DEMAT account is expired then you can simply renew your account to reactivate it.

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