45000 Worker for UK Seasonal Visa 2023 Announced

Job in Seasonal Work Visa 2023 for UK

On 16th December 2022, UK.GOV released a statement confirming the UK is ready to welcome 45,000 workers for UK Seasonal Visa in 2023.

An innatiative which started in 2021, almost 30,000 workers from all around the world were able to work in the UK in Agriculture sectors.

Workers were hired by licensed operators, whose work was to link farms who needed worker and on the other hand people who wanted to work.

I did not find any restriction on countries but the operators has limited branches so, most of your communication regarding interviews and documents might be through Internet or Calls.

More Information: UK Seasonal Work Visa 2023

Number of Workers for UK Seasonal Visa 2023 Announced

NameUK Seasonal Visa | Agriculture Visa
Number of Workers Needed45,000
Potencial Increase10,000
CountryUnited Kingdom (UK)
Application OpeningExpected by December 2022
Number of Workers for UK Seasonal Visa 2023

The UK government is preparing to boost the agriculture industry by providing more foreign workers.

This new allocation of 45k will allow targeted businesses to recruit more workers from aborad with experience and freedom to hire within their time limit.

As this is a Seasonal Work Visa, all the workers will be able to work in the UK for only six months. Which is most of the horticulture industry wants.

According to official news they are planning to give first 4,000 visas available to ensure there are enough worker for daffodil growers. Daffodil are unsually harvested from January.

daffodil flower picking job in UK Seasonal Visa 2023
Daffodil | Uk Seasonal Visa 2023

Seasonal labour has long been part of the UK’s rural economy, and while it is right that we offer long term support to increase the use of domestic labour, we also need to support businesses on the back of what has been a challenging year for food producers.

That’s why we’ve listened to the UK’s horticulture sector, and today’s announcement will provide our growers with the labour they need to bring in the harvest and continue to put their produce on our tables.

Mark Spencer – Farming Minister of The UK

You can read more about this from the official press release

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