How to Reissue Lost Driving License, Bill Book, and Permit

LOST DOCUMENT APPLICATION: You can now apply for a recommendation letter for a lost Driving license, Bill book, and Road permit online.

You do not need to apply for Driving License if you’ve lost it, here is an easy process to recover your document.

TitleApplication for Lost Document
DocumentsLicense, Bill Book, Road Permit
Report FeeNone
Reissue FeeRs 500

How to Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Driving License?

Lost License Reissue Online
Application for Lost License online

To replace your license which you’ve lost first you need to take a recommendation letter from the Traffic police headquarters which now can be done online.

After this, you need to visit your nearest Department of Transport Management to get your license.

Step By Step Process to Apply for Recommendation Letter for Lost License, Bill Book, and Road Permit

Follow the steps below to get a recommendation report from Traffic Police online:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the document you need to replace
  3. Type your details as in License (Name, No. and other)
  4. Upload verification and Submit
  5. Receive Application & Document ID
  6. Download report

You need to follow these six steps only if you have a copy or remember your license details. If not, then you need to go to Transport Department to find your license number.

1. Visit the lost document application page

The first step is to visit their official website:

2. Select the document you need to replace

The second step is to select which document you need to reissue or replace, you can apply for

  • Driving License – Need license number and issue place
  • Bill Book – Vehicle Number
  • Road Permit -Vehicle Number

choose one of the documents that you want to make again.

3. Type your details as in License (Name, No. and other)

The third step is to enter your details such as Name, Phone number, and Address.

4. Upload verification and Submit

The fourth step is to upload official documents for verification purposes as government id can be used such as your Citizenship, License, Passport, or National Identity Card. After uploading the identification document click on submit.

5. Receive Application & Document ID

After uploading the document you will get an Application and Document ID you need to keep it safe. As they need to verify and make documents for you it will take about 24 hours according to some source websites.

6. Download report

The final step is to download the recommendation report or letter. Print the file and go to the Department of Transport to replace your lost document.

Document Required to Recover Lost License, Bill Book, and Permit

If you have a copy of your license or another document that you want to remake then it will be easier as all your information can be found there.

You will need to provide your Identity Proof.

What If I do not remember my License Number?

Without a license number, you cannot recover your driver’s license. If you do not have a copy then visit the transport office along with your citizenship and request them to search license detail for you.

It is free of charge but might take some time to search your details. If you remember when you got your license then it will be easier.

How to check if my application for a Lost license, Bill book, or Road permit is ready?

To check if your recommendation letter for the lost document is ready or not you need to visit their check application page. There you need to type your Application ID, Full Name, and Document ID.

Check Lost License Application Status


Can I remake my driving license if I lost it?

Yes, you can reissue your driving license if it is lost, stolen, or damaged by accident. You need to get a recommendation letter from Traffic Polic and Submit it to the Transport office along with an application.

Do I need to pay for the Replacement of the License if Lost?

Yes, you will need to pay around Rs 500 if you want to remake your license.

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