How to Check Your Phone’s MDMS Registration Online in Nepal

MDMS is a special government system that keeps track of all phones and electronic stuff coming into the country. It uses special numbers called IMEI numbers to do this.

After the MDMS is implemented, it will cover devices such as smartphones, regular phones, tablets, and anything with a SIM card.

How to Check MDMS Registration in Nepal?

Check MDMS registration status
MDMS website to check MDMS registration status online

As you know, you’re allowed to bring one mobile phone to Nepal for free and To confirm if your phone is officially registered in MDMS, follow these steps:

  1. Find your device’s IMEI number. You can locate it on a smartphone by dialing *#06# or in the “About Phone” section of your settings.
  2. Visit and enter your IMEI number as shown above. Click the button to proceed.

By following these steps, you can easily verify if your phone is registered under MDMS.

Note: As of now, unregistered phones are functioning properly, including making calls, using mobile data, sending SMS, and more. However, these unregistered phones will lose network connectivity with Nepali Telecoms within two months unless they are individually registered. – NTA

Date to Register MDMS Phones for grey phones

The 2080/81 budget announcement mentioned that NTA would allow registering older grey phones used in Nepal until Jestha 15, 2080 (May 29, 2023).

NTA has introduced fees and a registration portal to make these phones official in MDMS. The deadline to register such phones is Aashadh 31, 2080 (July 16, 2023).

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