Why is UK Farms stops hiring Nepali worker?

Why are Farms from the United Kingdom not hiring Nepali workers and operators has stopped accepting application from Nepal?

Even after the announcement of hiring 45,000 workers for 2023, workers from Nepal will not work in the UK farms due to exploitation controversies over illegal fees by local recruiters.

Source: Financial Times, The Gurdian and Kathmandu Post

Financial Times, a renowned new publication site, published news on 27 January 2023 that UK Farms is currently not accepting or hiring workers from Nepal.

According to FT, the current licensed operators have publicly announced or told the Financial Times that they are not hiring workers from the country this year. – FT

AG Recruitment, Concordia, and Pro-Force are used to hire Nepali workers for UK Season Work.

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Image Source: Financial Times

Few months ago, The Guardian shared news where Nepalese worker hired by AG Recruitment were out of work and was told to leave the country as there was no more work. – Source

As, these workers with temporary visa were not allowed to work different jobs.

Most of the workers shared similar stories how they had to pay huge amount to Nepal’s Local Recruitment just to visit UK and work in the Agriclture Sector.

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