Register IMEI number online in Nepal | visit

Register IMEI number online in Nepal visit

Registering your IMEI number online in Nepal is easy; you can do this in a few steps, and it does not even take more than a minute.

If you are wondering what this is and why all of a sudden Nepalese have been illegally importing mobile phones from foreign for a long time, to be honest, this was because of a lack of knowledge for most of us.

But for those who had been importing it with the intent to sell or distribute, Nepal Telecommunication Authority or NTA in Nepal has started implementing the MDMS system.

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Registering IMEI numbers of all those mobile phones imported or brought personally from foreign to Nepal is essential.

NTA has made it mandatory that every Nepali must register their International Mobile Equipment Identity number, which is the full form of IMEI.

NTC has also released their eSIM check here.

Register IMEI number online in Nepal | visit

To register your IMEI mobile number online in Nepal, follow the easy steps below.

  1. Visit NTA’s Official Website:
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Choose an Individual or New Importer
  4. Fill in all the information
  5. Upload your Citizenship
  6. Application Successful

1. Visit NTA’s Official Website,

The first step is to visit Nepal Telecommunication’s website, and you can see the homepage screenshot in the image below.

Register NTAs IMEI Number Online 2022 easy 2
NTA IMEI registration 2022 online in Nepal

2. Click on Sign Up

Next is to sign up or log in if you’ve already got an account. You can use your Gmail or any other email to sign up. Just fill up your Name, Email, and Password, and you are ready to go.

3. Choose an Individual or New Importer

Choose what describes you the best. I chose Individual Application because I brought 1 phone from a foreign. In simple terms, if you are not a seller or importing phones, then choose Individual.

An individual application for those who are registering for their mobile phone.

IMEI registration in nepal easy process
IMEI Registration online

4. Fill in all the information

This is basic information about you and your phone, be careful and use your accurate information here.

E.g. I used iPhone, so the information I submitted for IMEI registration is listed below.

  • Brand: Apple,
  • Model: 11 Pro Max,
  • IMEI Number: Dail *#06# to see your IMEI number and
  • Enter your personal information.
Registering NTA IMEI number online step 1
Nepal Telecommunication Authority Application

5. Upload your Citizenship and Email

You can use any government approved Identity card, such as Citizenship / Nagrita, Passport, or NID. Enter the ID number first, then take a picture of that document and upload it.

The Image should be smaller than 1 MB use if your image size exceed or is larger than 1MB. Use – to reduce image size.

Type your email address and then click on Submit

IMEI registration
NTA Online submission for IMEI number

6. Application Successfully Submitted

After clicking on submitting, you will get this number and an email on your email that you gave to them.

Register NTAs IMEI Number Online 2022 easy 1

What is IMEI?

To explain IMEI in a simple language, every SIM-enabled devices have a 15-digit number that is called IMEI, and the IMEI of such devices does not match each other. The IMEI number is the property that identifies the device. So, this is a great way to track phones for the government or to trace if you somehow lose your phone.

How to find your IMEI?

To find or check your IMEI number, go to the keypad of your mobile and dial *#06#. The IMEI number of the device will be shown.

What are MDMS and its benefit?

MDMD stands for Mobile Device Management System. And it also helps in searching for your mobile phone if lost or stolen, and It also prevents the unauthorized use of such mobile phones.

Nepalese used to bring in many phones a few years back, which will stop.

How can I check If my phone is registered in MDMS?

NTA has requested Nepalese citizens to check if the phones they’re buying are MDMS registered or not.

And if you want to check MDMS registration in Nepal, follow the steps below.

  • Visit MDMS Website:
  • Check your IMEI Number: *#06#
  • Type your IMEI number and submit
  • They will show you your result
Check if your phoen is registered in MDMS
Check the MDMS registration of your phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy or sell mobile phones not registered with the NTA in Nepal?

No, This is illegal. Before buying a mobile phone, you should check whether the mobile phone is registered with the authority or not.

Does registering the IMEI number in NTA cost a charge?

Registering an IMEI number is free of cost. There is no information regarding this on their official website.

How will IMEI help?

After registering your IMEI, the government can track illegal phones also with this if you somehow lose your phone, then it can be traced.

Is registering IMEI necessary?

Yes, it is important to register your phones IMEI number, if not then you will not be able to use it and also is illegal.

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