Astra Theme Mobile Menu: How To Fix Not Clickable Issue?

fix astra theme mobile menu not clicable issue

Astra is a widely used WordPress theme mostly used for its fast, customizable & beautiful WordPress theme suitable for any website, including blogs, portfolios, businesses, and more.

But most new users will face a certain problem while installing this. It does not show the menu on a mobile browser, and sometimes, the Mobile Menu is not clickable.

I faced a similar problem, and below are the steps I used to solve this problem.

screenshot of astra wordpress theme mobile menu not clicable issue fixing

Go to LiteSpeed Cache Option

Step 1 is to go to your LiteSpeed cache.

The Litespeed Cache plugin is used to speed up the website for faster loading of content, but sometimes it might block useful features within the theme and cause problems such as the Mobile Menu not working properly.

And this was the case in my experience.

Choose Page Optimization

Step 2 is to change the setting on Page Optimization.

Litespeed provides lightning-speed loading time after combining, disabling, arranging, and delaying unwanted or useful features. All you need to do here is change a few settings.

Select JS Setting

Step 3 is to change the following JavsScript setting in your Litespeed cache:

  • Look for JS Combine External and Inline.
  • Turn it OFF.
  • Now, Set Load JS Deferred as “Deferred.”

Save this setting and Purge all.

I personally did not see any drop in page speed after changing the setting, but I do recommend you make sure you set your priorities.


After following these settings, I could use the Mobile Menu on mobile devices. before the Toggle Menu was not clickable.

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