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People of Pokhara are running toward the incident site as they get the news of an airline crash in Pokhara.

According to The Kathmandu Post ATR, 72 aircraft of Yeti Airlines that flew to Pokhara from Kathmandu had an accident.

Accident: On Sunday 15th of January 2023 around 10:50 am.

Total on Board people: There was a total of 68 passengers and four crew members on board in that aircraft ATR-72.

Rescues and people who want to get a view are running toward the accident site also users are sharing live on their social media handles.

Rescue operation is slowed due to Spectators and narrow road.

Nepal Government has given National Holiday tomorrow (16th January 2023) to mourn the death of people on board in Yeti Plane Crash today.

rescue in pokhara airport
Image from Naya Gaon-Pokhara, location near to incident

Press Release by Yeti Airlines on crash

Yeti Airline Press Release Plane crash Pokhara
Press Release by Yeti Airline

According to the report there was

  1. Nepalis: 53
  2. Indians: 5
  3. Russians: 4
  4. Korean: 2
  5. Irish: 1
  6. Argentinian: 1
  7. Australian: 1
  8. French: 1

And 4 crew members, captain Kamal KC, Oshin Ale Magar, Anju Khatiwada, and Srijana Hunchun. These numbers include, three infants, three children and 62 adults, As of 3:10pm 35 bodies has been found.

First to the Rescue: a local from Pokhara

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Image Credit: Online Khabar | Facebook Page

According to this local from pokhara he was first to reach the accident place and reacted to rescue.

He was outside his house when he saw a huge airplane crashed in front his eye with a loud bang. As soon as he saw this he ran barefoot toward the accident to help.

After reaching there he immediately saw a girl, “She was still breathing”.

There was around 15 people at that time but no one stepped forward to help.

He said during plane hit the ground some people fell outside. “2 of them were still breathing”.

“I’ve heard they were taken to Gandaki Hospital in Pokhara, I don’t know what happened to them.”

Finally he asked everyone around him for help but no one helped him in rescue. “

I said, 'You also have Parents, brothers and sisters, come for help'. They didn't listen to me, I took out 7 of them by myself. - Source

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