How to Activate DU monthly data package 35 AED? [Unlimited Plan]

How to Activate DU's unlimited internet plan

Internet data packages in UAE are expensive if you come from South Asia where you’ve been paying less than 3 AED for more than 3 GB of Internet Data.

The DU monthly data package of 35 AED is popular but unfortunately in 2024 its price has been hiked by 15 AED and is now available at AED 50, in this blog, we will look at how to activate this 30-day plan.

About DU unlimited monthly data plan

The Non-stop data plan which costs AED 50 [VAT included] is a 30-day unlimited plan for those who need to travel a lot outside their home far from their Wi-Fi.

All prepaid users can subscribe and surf the internet at 192Kbps speed for the first 155MB and then its speed will decrease to 72 Kbps.

The only requirement you need to fulfill to activate this plan is you will need at least 1 AED in your phone balance, so do check your DU balance before subscribing.

How to Activate DU’s unlimited internet plan

How to Activate DUs unlimited internet plan

You can subscribe to Data plans in DU sims using 2 different methods including. Dialing USSD Code and by DU’s Mobile App.

Method 1: Dailing USSD Code

To activate DU’s unlimited internet plan follow the steps listed below.

  1. Dail *135*5# from your DU phone.
  2. Replay 2 to select the unlimited subscription.
  3. Replay 1 to confirm your subscription.
  4. You will receive a confirmation SMS once activated.

You can use the internet for 30 days at 192 Kbps unlimited but the speed will decrease to 72 Kbps once usages cross 155MB.

If you do not want to pay for the unlimited subscription of AEB 50 then I suggest you cancel before its renewal.

Method 2: Using Offical DU App

DU has its official App available on both Android and IOS which has features like balance checks or data purchases.

Download it, Log on to the app, choose the data package, and subscribe to the AED 50 package for activation.

How To Deactivate Unlimited DU Monthly Data Package?

If you are not satisfied with the unlimited 30 days DU data package then you can deactivate it anytime by following the spets listed below.

  1. Go to your SMS app.
  2. Type “STOP DATA” in your Message box.
  3. Then, send it to 1355.
  4. Press 1 to continue and 2 to cancel the process.
  5. Done, you will receive a confirmation SMS.

Why cannot I activate the DU monthly data package of 35 AED?

DU’s monthly data package of 35 AED for unlimited data is not available as of December 2023, the plan with a similar feature has been changed to AED 50 which gives 30 days of unlimited data.

The other reason is you do not have enough balance in your DU phone, you can recharge it or ask your friend to lend you 11 AED using the DU Transfer Balance feature.

To activate follow the steps above.

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