How to Send Mobile Balance from Qatar to Nepal? [Using SMS & App]

How to Send Mobile Balance from Qatar to Nepal

If you are in Qatar and want to transfer mobile balance to your family in Nepal, you can do so by using SMS or Ooredoo Money App.

Ooredoo is a Telecom Company in Qatar that provides all sorts of services including bill payments, local transfers, bill payments, remittances, and balance transfers.

How to Send Mobile Balance from Qatar to Nepal using SMS via OOREDOO?

Process to send mobile balance from Qatar using SMS from Ooredo

Follow the steps listed below to send the mobile balance from Qatar to Nepal.

  1. Go to the SMS App.
  2. Type Send <Space> +977(Nepali Mobile Number) in the Message Box.
  3. Then send it to 92266.
  4. You will receive a replay from Ooredoo with an available balance.
  5. ‘Select the denomination that you wish to transfer: 
    • 1. Rs 50 = QR 5
    • 2. Rs 100 = QR 11
    • 3. Rs 200 = QR 21
  6. Choose the amount you want to recharge for your family in Nepal by sending 1, 2, or 3.
  7. For confirmation send “Y” again.
  8. Balance recharge complete by SMS.

How to Send Mobile Balance from Qatar to Nepal using the Ooredoo Money App?

You can recharge your family’s mobile balance in Nepal from Qatar using the Ooredoo mobile app using the following steps listed below.

  • Login to the Ooredoo Money App.
  • Tap on Top Up.
  • Choose International Number at the bottom.
  • Select Airtime Top Up.
  • Choose Nepal or your country from the list.
  • Enter Nepal or your country’s number.
  • Choose the balance amount you want to transfer.
  • Review exchange rates, charges, and fees.
  • Enter OPT from your mobile phone.
  • The mobile balance was transferred successfully.

The transfer is not free of cost, apart from mobile balance with exchange rate you must also pay extra fees.

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