how to transfer balance from du 2024?

How to Transfer the balance from DU

DU is a SIM card used in the UAE that offers various services including transfer of DU balance to other DU numbers using *121* USSD Code.

You can transfer your remaining balance in or outside UAE from DU sim as long as you have enough balance. So, we recommend you check your DU Balance.

This is an instant service available 24/7 and has no additional fee for local or global transfer.

How to Transfer the balance from DU to DU?

Dail *121*recipient mobile number (05XXXXXXXX) *Amount in AED # or Follow the steps below to transfer the DU balance to other numbers.

  1. Go to your phone’s Dialer app.
  2. Dial the number *121*.
  3. Add the Recipient’s number.
  4. Then, enter the Transfer amount in AED.
  5. Now, End with # and press on the call button.
  6. Transfer Complete.

DU does not charge any fee for transferring the balance from one phone to another, it is free of cost.

Example: *121*522000000*50#

How to Transfer balance from Du to the International number?

Follow the steps below to recharge another country’s mobile number using your DU balance.

  1. Go to your SMS app.
  2. Type “SEND” and Send it to 1700.
  3. Enter the receiver’s MSISDN to transfer. (Example: +977984000000).
  4. Choose how much to transfer from the available balance and confirm.
  5. Check, the confirmation message for the transaction.

No additional fee will be charged to transfer your DU balance to international numbers.

Where can I Transfer the DU balance?

DU balance transfer is available within all the networks in UAE and International operators as well. Check out the list below for more information.

  • Transfer from DU to DU
  • DU to Etisalat
  • DU to International Numbers.
    • International Transfer is available from both DU Postpaid and Prepaid.


How can I find out which countries DU can send international balance to?

To find out the countries DU can send international balance to, simply type “LIST” and send an SMS to 1700.

Does DU charge any fee to Transfer Balance?

No, DU does not charge any fees to transfer balance to other numbers.

How much balance can i transfer?

The minimum transfer balance is AED 2 and you can transfer the maximum available amount.

How do I contact DU Customer Care?

To contact du customers you can directly dial *177# (IVR) or call at 800-155 to talk to their representatives.

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