Apply EDV 2025 from Nepal: DV Lottery Registration Date

Department of State will soon start accepting applications for the EDV 2025 program from the 1st week of October 2023.

The US Green Card lottery will select lucky 50,000 people from all around the world and provide them with an opportunity to Live, Work, and stay as an American citizens.

Applicants are selected as DV winners randomly through a computer generated lucky draw. So, there is no outer influence, and no one can alter its results.

DepartmentU.S. Department of State
Official Website
ProgramElectronic Diversity Visa
Lottery YearEDV Lottery 2025
Registration PeriodOctober – November 2023
Is Nepal Eligible for DV 2024?Yes
DV Lottery 2025 Application Overview

When is the EDV Lottery 2025 Registration Date?

The registration period for the EDV lottery usually opens in October and closes in November. And DV results are announced in May of the following year.

As of 16 September 2023, there is no official release from the Department of State on when the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery 2025 registration will open.

You can check the last 5 year’s DV Program’s registration dates in the table below:

EDV ProgramRegistration Dates
DV-2024October 5 to 8 November 2022
DV-2023October 6 to 9 November 2021
DV-2022October 7 to 10 November 2020
DV-2021October 2 to 5 November 2019
DV-2020October 3 to 5 November 2018
Record of last 5 year’s DV program registration dates

Who can apply for EDV?

To apply for the Diversity Visa (DV) program, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. You must be from an Eligible country and,
  2. You must have have atleast high school diploma or equivalent, or 2 years of work experience in last 5 years.


  • Must have Internet Connection and PC or Mobile Phone.
  • Personal Details including contact, address, marriage and other.
  • Must have a passport size digital photo (Not older than 3 months)

These are the only requirement you need to have to apply for DV.

EDV, or Diversity Visa, is not open to all countries or citizens, and there is a list of excluded countries that are not eligible for the DV program due to political or enough immigrants from that country.

The list changes each year, so be sure to check the latest list before applying.

Can Nepali Citizens apply for DV 2025?

Yes, Nepal is eligible for the DV 2025 program, and all Nepalese citizens with minimum education and work experience can apply.

You can also apply even if you are currently working or studying in aborad.

Is passport required for DV Lottery?

No, passort are not required during the registration of DV Lottery, but you will need it, if you win the Diversity Visa.

How to Apply EDV 2025 Online?

1. Visit the Official Homepage:

It is important to note that you apply for the Diversity Visa through official website that is

Now, click on Begin Entery, you will ne redirected to a new page Verify ReCaptcha Code.

2. Provide your Personal Information

You need to be carefull while filling up the personal information, if you are selected for the DV program then your documents should match the infrommation you provide.

Enter your Full Name

How to Fill EDV registration form
Process to Fill EDV 2025 registration form

Type your full name as shown in the government ID you can check your Passport, Citizenship, National Identity Card or License.

How to Write: Last Name >> First Name >> If you have a middle name, then a Middle name.

Enter your DOB, Birth City, and Country

Choose Country in DV Lottery 2025
Choose DOB, City and Country

Date of Birth: Enter your date of birth, the same as in your official document (Citizenship or Passport).

Birth City: the citry where you were born, You can leave blank or write if you know your Birth City. This is optional.

Country: Write your brith country (Nationality).

Country of Eligibility for the DV Program

Electronic diversity visa from from Nepal
Electronic diversity visa from from Nepal

As stated in the requirement above, The Diversity Program is not eligible for all the country. Some nationalities are not eligible for DV Lottery.

But if you are Nepalese national, then you can simply choose Yes.

Photo Requirement for DV Lottery

Photo requirement for DV Lottery
Choosing the right Photo for DV Lottery

The photo requirement for Diversity visas is very strict. They have listed many rules who must be followed and check some of the essential points for DV in the table below.

EDV Photo requirement 2025Details
Check your photoKnow more from the Official Website
BackgroundWhite, Light-coloured, and plain
Head positionYou should be looking straight at the camera
Lightoverexposed or underexposed (NG). Shadows must not be visible.
PhotoshopIt should be avoided.
FaceIt must not be covered by hair, and facial expressions should be neutral.
Head coveringsReligious (Burkha) or hearing aids.
AssorariesNot allowed.
Resolution600×600 pixels (Square)
File sizeMaximum 240 KB
File formatJPG format
Photo ageThe photo must not be older than 6 months.

Photo requirements of DV Lottery

Mailing Address

enter postal service info in  DV Lottery application
Process to fill postal service info in DV Lottery application

For those who are wondering how to fill mailing address in dv lottery, follows the steps below:

Address Line 1: Tole name, ward name, and number (Eg. New Road – 15)

City: Your City’s name (Eg. Pokhara)

District/Province: Choose yours (Eg. Kaski District / Gandaki Province)

Postal Code: Search google for your City or District Postal Code (Eg. 33700)

Country: Select your country name (Eg. Nepal)

If you in foreign country away from your homecountry then enter your current address and country.

Submit your Contact Details

submit contact details for EDV 2025 in nepal
Provide Contact Details for Diversity Visa

You need to submit your contact details like Phone Number which is optional, meaning you can leave it blank. And Email address, this is important.

If you can recover your DV Confirmation Number in case you forrget it.

Education Qualification for EDV in Nepal

Education qualification for DV Lottery Nepal
Required Education qualification for DV Lottery

According to the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs, you should pass at least High school or have work experience, check out more information here.

Choose Marital Status

marriage status for DV lottery
Choosing your marriage status in DV Lottery 2025

You need to choose your marital status for DV program from the list below:

  • Unmarried
  • Married and my Spouse is not a US citizen
  • Married and my spouse is a Us citizen
  • Divorced
  • Widowed
  • Legally Separated

Single applicants who never got married legally can simple choose unmarried and for the married, divorced, widowed and seperated need to fill information about their spouse.

Submit your Application

Submit your Diversity Form Application
Select marriage status in DV Lottery 2025

If you have children, write the number of children (All of them) and click on continue to proceed.

After clicking continue, you will be taken to another page where you will be asked to check all your information, make no mistakes, and check for errors. If you do not find any, then click on submit.

Save Confirmation Number (Important)

Save confirmation number of EDV 2025
Save confirmation number of EDV 2025

Finally, this is the end of the DV Lottery 2025 online application. After submitting the application you will get your Confirmation number for dv lottery.

Print, Take picture, note it down or simply copy confirmation number save it on a computer. Be sure to keep your confirmation number in a safe place, as you will need it to check the status of your entry and to apply for a visa if you are selected.

You cannot return to this page after closing the page. But you can recover dv lottery confirmation number using the email address you provided in the contact section.

When does DV Lottery’s registration end?

Diversity Visa is usually a month long annual registration process starting from early October and ending by November.

How to check dv lottery result?

You can check DV Lottery result through the same website as registration “” on the month of May.

Rules for Diversity Visa 2025

As I mentioned, you should not make any mistakes while applying; even a tiny error can cost you a chance to win EDV Lottery.

There are certain rules you must follow if you do not want to get disqualified for the DV Lottery 2025 and they are:

  1. You cannot apply twice. (One application/persion)
  2. You cannot fake your education. (US embassy will verify)
  3. You cannot fake your work experience. (Need original cerificates)
  4. Complete photo requirement (Simple yet very important)
  5. Check your country’s eligibility (Nepali can apply for DV Lottery 2025)
  6. Make no mistake in your name, DOB, and address. (If you are selected, you’ll need to verify)
  7. Apply within the Registration Period.
  8. Keep your Confirmation Number safe. (To check your results)


Why is the DV Lottery website not working?

DV Lottery website might not work during the application period because of high traffic levels and website outages. As most of the people believe applying on the first day will increase their chances of winning DV.

Has DV Lottery been cancelled?

No, EDV Lottery 2025 has not been cancelled, registration form will be open from the October.

What is the Photo Size for DV Lottery?

Your photo size for DV Lottery should be 600×600 pixels which is Square in shape.

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